Videos, music, parties and trips with friends in the 90’s – 00’s

Party with colleagues in 2002 at my parents home.
(Music: “Like Twins” by A Reminiscent Drive)

Meet Fred and Flo, Michel and Béné, Gilles, Asha, Carole, Sandra, Claire, Freddy, and many more of our colleagues at Symtrax at this time, in a “grilled sardine” party around the swimming pool, filmed by my sister Barbara! Hey, I can’t do everything, I was managing the party , making drinks and choosing the music!
I also edited the video and added the music.

Fun (unachieved) video with my friend Lisa in 2002.
(Music: “Island in the Sun” by Weezer)

Hey, we were young, ok? It was just for fun!
Lisa was really a good and fun friend, and we made many fun songs and videos together. Maybe I’ll show more videos later…

Songs with Theresa.

I and Babak met Theresa in a party at Pascal’s apartment, as you can see in this picture! A few days later, Theresa came to play music with me at my place, where we recorded those two songs. She sings incredibly well, and she plays the guitar too on the second song! She actually certainly plays better than I do!

Rid of me (cover of PJ Harvey)

Some Jingle Jangle Morning (cover of Mary Lou Lord)

Songs with Sophie.

Sophie is an old good friend of mine. One evening at my place, we decided to write a few songs. She sat there and wrote lyrics with a lot of ease. During this time I was trying to find the music on the guitar. We recorded the 3 first songs the same day, and the 3 next ones the day after.

To be with you


6 a.m.

Pray for Rain



Fun songs with Lisa.

Lisa is also an old and very fun friend, from Sweden, who has been living in Montpellier for a few years. During this time,  we had a lot of fun parties, beach parties, small restaurants, and we also tried to improvise a few fun songs and videos.

Struck Down

Your Face

Some Kind of Picture

A song with Babak, Guillaume and Gaby.

When Babak comes back to France, we try to do a few fun stuff with the old friends. Have seafood in Bouzigues, as in the pictures below, is one of our habits. Another habit is to play some music together. This song is probably one of our best ones (and I am singing, hmm, be indulgent).


Fun mixes with Guillaume.

Guillaume once came to my place with the envy of trying to use some mixing software I had in order to try to make some fun mixed music. The result is not that great, but we had a lot of fun doing it!


3ème mi-temps

N’importe quoi

A trip to Ottawa to visit Babak.

One year after Babak left Montpellier for Ottawa, I joined him there, hoping I would maybe find a job there.  I spent one or two months in his apartment, visited the city, and took a few pictures. (I finally returned to Montpellier for a job in Nîmes, thanks to Michel and Bruno)! We had a very good time in Ottawa (and also Toronto and Montreal), and we met a few very nice guys. Great time really! Thanks a lot Babak!

A trip to Stockholm with Babak and Laurent. 

Some time ago, our group of friends had met a group of Swedish students, with whom we had parties. Laurent had been going out with a Swedish girl at this time. At the time of these pictures, the girls were back to Sweden, and I and Babak joined Laurent to Stockholm and Uppsala where he was going to join his girlfriend.
However, all the following pictures were taken in an island of Stockholm’s archipelago, one of the funniest moment of our trip.

Concerts and autographs at the turn of the century.

Here are a few pictures I took in concerts in the late 90’s.

The group of friends at the turn of the century.

Here are a few pictures of the group of friends I had around me in the late 90’s: mostly around Babak, Pascal, Guillaume, Gaby…
Sorry for the oldest friends of the mid-90’s (all the group with Philippe, Guilhem, Christophe and so on), but I don’t have any digital pictures with you! I’ll try to find you in my old paper photographs and make a new section… But we were not taking much pictures at this time!
Thanks to all my friends for being here! A little text about us can be found if you click on the pictures!



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