Frédérique is the girlfriend of Philippe. They met each other at a party that was taking place at the university of pharmacy, where Frédérique was studying.

Philippe was my best friend in the mid 90’s. He was studying computer science with me, and he was very likable, nice, always smiling, and very, very fun to hang out with. At this time, I was a shy student and my previous group of friends had vanished after they left the region. Philippe was there, so easy to talk with, making friends with everybody… With Philippe, we had A LOT of great times, crazy parties, we went to rock festivals, experienced many things, met girls, played guitar, listened to Pixies and Nirvana… We were 25 and it was probably my best time in life!

At this time and thanks to Philippe I met Guilhem, Christophe, Alexis, and also Michel and Bruno (with whom I will work 4 years later and who are still my good friends and colleagues), Hédi, Sophie, and many many more!

Unfortunately, Philippe left Montpellier for Marseille two years later for his PhD, along with Frédérique. He has been working in several companies, has also ran his own non-profit organization, has travelled in many countries with Frédérique and their children… The news are getting rare, but I still meet him or have news every few years. Last time I met them: in Avignon a few years ago, for the 14th of July. Last news I had: they were living in Cairo!

Hurray for Philippe and Frédérique!

This picture was taken in Porquerolles Island.