This site in the 90’s – 00’s


This was is my first homepage (in French only), when I was a student at the LIRMM. It was hosted by the servers of the university, and coded in the simplest HTML. At this time, nobody was connected to the web from their home. Those web pages were just shared between students in computer science, mostly. Actually, thanks to this particular homepage, I met my friend Babak, who was also studying at the LIRMM: I was advertising about posting the program of the Rockstore every month on my homepage; he wanted to do the same thing with the Psychodrome, two indie-rock places in Montpellier at this time.


Soon I tried to play with HTML in order to make the page look better, funnier, and show more possibilities of the language. In 1998, I had just left the university and started working for a friend’s small web site hosting company, as a Java Applet developer, as well as a tech support. It was the beginning of the internet at home, and my ISP was hosting my new homepage.


After a short stay in Ottawa in 1999 to visit my friend Babak at Carleton University, I came back to Montpellier to work at Symtrax. At this time I also redesigned my homepage in order to simplify it and give it a cleaner design. I think this page is still my most beautiful homepage. The most minimalist at least. The pictures were stolen on the web, all from movies of Hal Hartley, that I had just discovered around 1999 on French TV channel Arte (The Unbelievable Truth, Trust, Amateur, Flirt, The Book Of Life). No need to say we were all in love with Adrienne Shelly, the main actress of The Unbelievable Truth and Trust. Having seen Amateur again recently, I also believe that Hal Hartley was also fond of the same clean and graphical design.


At some point I guess I wanted a change, more colors maybe, something more original, or just the possibility to propose more links on the same page, as the previous design was probably a bit too strict? I don’t remember. Anyway, I came in 2006 with a new design for my homepage, still coded manually in HTML, using tables. And still with pictures from Hal Hartley’s movies! There are a few good ideas in this site, I like the “movies” page for instance, with the picture from Trust, cut into pieces.

Since 2014

In 2011 already, my site was moved to a professional hosting company,  and linked to my domain name. However, it was still the same home-made HTML site of 2006, not easy to maintain, not ready for smartphones. Also I wanted a change. I made a few tries for programming the site a different way, using some old CMS, and even the former OpenLaszlo language. The result was quite fun actually, but not maintainable at all. Finally, I chose to develop the site you are in with WordPress. In this site, I particularly enjoy adding new graphical pictures of mine in the header, that changes randomly.

Software Architect, but not only…