New colors?

These days I have been thinking of redesigning the site, with new colors and more pictures of the things and people I like, whether real or imaginary.
I have also been thinking of telling my whole life story, in some page, not that it is very interesting, but why not!
I just started with adding many new header images (they are chosen randomly), and also a History section, if you would like to see how was my homepage in the old times!

Hey, something else is new: the “search” button is now working much better, allowing to find specific pictures for instance! You can try it!

Also, new sections will be needed, as I guess we will also need to talk a bit about my latest guilty pleasures, such as my favorite k-drama rom-coms (I am not a robot, The secret life of my secretary, Because this is my first life), or (less guilty) the great visual novel Steins;Gate.
After having spent several hours, several days with some characters, a bond is created.
Ah, talking about making bonds with characters (or actresses), maybe we should also talk about the movie “La Flor”.
Oh, we must not forget the great anime “Perfect Blue”, and the beautiful movie “Burning”.

That’s it!
Of course you can still keep taking a look at the pictures of my trips to Taiwan, Thailand and Japan, places where I hope to return soon, as much as I expect to go to Korea now, and also Hong Kong or Mainland China.

Also, I still have the project to add more of our older pictures, songs and videos in the Youth section.

Come back soon!

Software Architect, but not only…